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Balcony Repairs

Balcony repairs can consist of any number of requirements depending upon conditions.

Railing post repair- A common occurrence in South Florida where existing railings have deteriorated where the railing post has rusted and is no longer secure in the concrete slab.  Repairs consist of either cutting and removing a portion of the post and re-welding a new post or installation of a new aluminum or glass railing system.  Shiff C&D will assist Owners in value analysis of which options provide the best short-term and long-term value and protection.

Slab repairs-  Along with railing post repair, slab repairs is one of the most common repairs along the east coat. Slab repairs can either be partial or full-depth repair.  This condition can occur anywhere on the balcony deck. Common occurrences are either at the balcony edge where the railings are embedded or where the balcony slab intersects the building.  Occurrences at the intersection are often due to deterioration of sealants that allow water to intrude.  Occurrences in the middle of the slab are common from a deterioration of the waterproofing deck coating, which could be due to either original improper material coverage or normal wear and tear.

The water intrusion combined with salt air over time will cause the underlying rebar reinforcement to corrode which ultimately results in concrete spalling at either the top or bottom of the slab.  Periodic inspections and maintenance of the balcony’s exterior coatings and caulking will greatly enhance the life of the balcony.