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Concrete Restoration

Concrete Restoration

Shiff Restoration Group is an industry leader in the restoration and preservation of concrete structures.   Despite its durability, deterioration of concrete is inevitable especially in coastal South Florida.  Construction defects are magnified through the wear and tear of use, environmental stress, and damage from weather, fire, settlement, impact, etc. occur. Compared to alternative construction materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, and polymers, concrete is very resistant to insect damage, fire, impact, flooding, abrasion, weathering, moisture exposure, etc. Deterioration can occur as a result of design flaws, improper material selections or installation.  Once damaged or deteriorated to an extent where the use of the structure is impaired, concrete requires repair.

The most effective strategy to sustainability in concrete repair is to avoid having to perform repairs in the first place. Prevention through proper construction methods, periodic monitoring, inspection, and maintenance can result in huge savings over the life cycle of a concrete structure.

For new concrete construction of good quality and proper design, addressing cracks, periodic treatment with penetrating sealers, application of appropriate coatings or membranes, and other proactive maintenance can postpone the need for repairs almost indefinitely.